What we do

We design, develop, deliver and support a range of group booking and ticketing/distribution systems which exceed the standards of industry protocols and technology

The travel industry changes on a daily basis. So we innovate on a daily basis.
Creating software and systems to push the boundaries, while we adapt to new technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

The travel industry is constantly evolving and adapting to the demands and needs of markets, economies, people and places. With new demands come new challenges and often complex business requirements. Our size, team members and unique position in the market place means we can quickly adapt to new challenges and innovate new solutions.

Our systems enable our partners and customers to improve incremental revenues, grow sales,  enhance customer service, all while employing cost-saving technology like self-service.

Push your Boundaries with

Groups Next Gen

A truly modern end-to-end group booking and management system proven to increase group sales, maximise incremental revenue, all while improving customer service

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A visionary apporach to

Leisure Travel

Enables airlines to expand distribution to smaller companies, reducing reliance upon large trade customers,  forming direct relationships with specialty customers

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Overcome challenges in

Interline Travel

Provides an automated interline travel process for closed user groups. Improves service levels and user experience, while reducing operating costs

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Go the distance with

Staff Travel

A staff travel solution which enables airlines to attract, motivate and retain the very best personnel through air travel benefits

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Our Group Booking Solution

Already in use by some of the world’s leading airlines, Groups Next Gen has proven to increase sales and maximise incremental revenue opportunities all while delivering better customer service.  Our groups solution also helps airlines by reducing operating and distribution costs through self-service and other technology features.

Our solutions allow airlines to automate and control the entire group booking and management process from end-to-end. Automate the registration process, specify how verification should operate, offer real-time availability, pricing, and booking capability, provide customers with self-servicing tools, and ticketing options.

In addition to booking and shopping, our airline partners can manage and apply market and/or customer specific terms and conditions. Our systems can be integrated to the airline’s CRS and Revenue Management system for pricing and availability, or the airline can elect to use our industry-leading integrated fares engine.