You’re here to delve a little deeper into Groups Next Gen, aren’t you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve answered five of our commonly asked questions about our airline group booking software to give you an overview of what it can do for you.

What is Groups Next Gen?

Groups Next Gen is Calrom’s fully automated, end-to-end self-service group booking software that helps airlines alleviate the stress that comes with handling group reservations. Its trade and consumer portals can be accessed 24/7 online, meaning no more delays in quotes or bookings, which then grows sales and transforms an airline’s presence in the groups industry.

Why was Groups Next Gen created?

Groups Next Gen was created as we discovered that our airline partners were manually processing their groups bookings, which took lots of time, effort, and manpower, which in turn caused a lack of customers and revenue due to slow turnaround times.

Groups Next Gen can completely transform an airline’s turnaround time, bringing it down from days to minutes, by allowing their customers to self-serve online, rather than processing bookings manually.

What does Groups Next Gen offer airlines?

Our user-friendly online platform allows group organisers to easily manage their own bookings, payments and communications with our partner airlines, resulting in the reduction of unnecessary back and forth over emails and phone calls.

The automation of the groups bookings process via Groups Next Gen (GNG) helps airlines optimise their operational efficiencies by simplifying tasks such as seat allocation and itinerary management. This then means that Sales teams will have more time to concentrate on higher volume accounts, as GNG’s automations have taken these out of their hands.

GNG also offers configurable controls which can be implemented within hours due to their automation. These configurable controls ensure group bookings are in line with your airline revenue management objectives and improve yield.

How much can I customise GNG?

We know that being able to fully automate bookings is a crucial point for airlines to improve their efficiencies, therefore you’re able to quote, pay, book and ticket as a standard with GNG. However, we understand that every airline will have different needs, so we created three versions of GNG.

GNG Express

This is aimed towards Low Cost Carriers who are looking for a customer-first booking portal. This is tailored to suit their needs, with features such as ancillaries and credit card payments.

GNG Essential

This gives you the tools to automate trade bookings with up to ten global markets and includes our core payment options and assisted customer bookings.

GNG Enterprise

This is our full-power version of GNG, a complete solution that handles all network markets, has multi-lingual interfaces and capabilities to handle interline, bulk-series and out-of-date range requests.

How does GNG ensure a seamless user experience?

Our internal specialists are constantly monitoring trends and technologies across all industries to gain inspiration and knowledge on how we can give our customers the best service and opportunities.

We continually work closely with our airline partners to not only ensure they’re happy with our group booking software but to also gain their perspective on any features we could create to enhance their experience with GNG, so it fully delivers what they need when they need it. Our close partnership with airlines doesn’t stop at their live date, it continues way beyond this.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to GNG, our airline software solution. Browse all of GNG’s features and details to discover its full potential and how it can transform your group booking management.

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