Simon Wilkins. Chief Technology Officer

The interconnected world of travel is a dynamic and ever-evolving ecosystem, and nowhere is this more apparent than in group air travel.

From corporate conventions to educational trips and large-scale events, organising group travel, especially by air, presents many challenges. However, amidst these complexities, innovative airline software like Calrom’s Groups Next Gen (GNG) platform are transforming the landscape by simplifying the intricacies of complex airline group travel, offering streamlined, efficient and cost-effective approaches.


Understanding the complexities of group air travel

Coordinating group travel involves a complex and interrelated set of logistics, ranging from booking, accepting payment for and ticketing seating blocks across multiple flights to ensuring seamless communication among participants, managing diverse preferences, accommodating last-minute changes and adhering to complex terms and conditions (T&Cs) of sale throughout the booking lifecycle.  These intricacies are further amplified when dealing with larger groups and the diverse travel needs of the group that evolve over time.

From an airline’s perspective, managing large group travel poses many operational challenges that need innovative approaches to ensure efficient execution and the flexibility to deliver a smooth experience for both the airline and travellers.

Some key challenges include:

Logistics and coordination

Coordinating travel for a large group involves managing multiple reservations within a single booking, ensuring everyone is on the same flight or connected flights, handling special requests and accommodating last-minute changes. This requires a robust groups system to synchronise bookings, seat assignments, and itinerary adjustments with an airlines’ native systems.

Capacity management

Ensuring availability of seats and managing group bookings without disrupting regular passenger operations can be challenging. Balancing the need to accommodate a large group while preserving the airline’s revenue streams and minimising disruptions requires careful capacity planning.

Special requirements and services

Large groups often have diverse needs, including dietary preferences, special assistance or specific seating arrangements. Catering to these individual requirements while maintaining operational efficiency poses a challenge.

Flexibility and adaptability

Group itineraries can change abruptly due to various reasons, requiring a system that can swiftly accommodate modifications.

Communication and information flow

It’s challenging at times to keep all participants informed about flight details, changes, baggage requirements, and other essential information. Establishing efficient communication channels to disseminate information to the entire group effectively.

Check-in and boarding logistics

Facilitating a smooth check-in process for a large group while adhering to airport regulations and security procedures demands efficient logistics. Boarding a significant number of passengers efficiently without causing delays requires tailored boarding procedures.

Disruptions and contingency planning

Managing disruptions due to weather, technical issues, or other unforeseen circumstances can be particularly challenging when dealing with a large group. Having contingency plans and protocols in place to address such situations is crucial. Group travel often operates on tight schedules and delays can have cascading effects on the entire itinerary.

Regulatory compliance and documentation

Ensuring compliance with various regulations, especially when travelling across international borders, requires meticulous attention to documentation and visa requirements for a large group of travellers.

Addressing these challenges involves leveraging technology, implementing efficient communication protocols, having dedicated staff for group management and establishing partnerships with providers who specialise in managing large groups. Flexibility, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach are fundamental in overcoming the challenges associated with group airline travel.


Calrom’s innovative approach to group air travel management

Calrom is a pioneer in travel management solutions, aiming to provide innovative strategies tailored explicitly for complex airline group travel. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and decades of industry expertise, Calrom offers a comprehensive suite of technology and services addressing the intricate demands of group travel management.

In particular, Calrom’s innovative Groups Next Gen (GNG) platform focuses on seamless communication, collaboration, and customisation, prioritising a personalised and integrated travel experience for groups.  Key features airlines can benefit from with GNG include:

Robust technology integration

Calrom’s platform integrates advanced technological tools to streamline the booking process, allowing for efficient management of large groups while providing real-time updates and communication channels for all stakeholders.

GNG offers a centralised communication hub, facilitating seamless collaboration among group participants, travel organisers and airlines through real-time updates and personalised notifications.

Tailored solutions for efficiency

Calrom understands the nuances of group travel and we design solutions to be efficient and effective for airlines and travel management companies. GNG integrates advanced technologies to simplify the booking process, optimise travel itineraries and ensure a smooth end-to-end experience for group travellers.

Complex terms and conditions (T&Cs)

Calrom implements the intricate T&Cs which play a pivotal role in revenue management within the context of group travel. Crafting policies that balance flexibility and profitability while accounting for group-specific requirements is a delicate yet crucial task.

Addressing factors like cancellations, changes, payment schedules, and group size variations demands a nuanced approach to ensure revenue optimisation without compromising customer satisfaction.

Customised group packages

The platform allows for the creation of tailored group travel packages, incorporating ancillary services, preferences, and special requests to cater to diverse group needs.

Understanding customer behaviour

Data insight and analytics help airlines understand group travel preferences, booking patterns, destination choices, and ancillary service preferences.

Dedicated support and expertise

Calrom provides dedicated support from experts who specialise in group travel management, offering personalised assistance to navigate complexities and ensure a smooth experience.


Calrom’s systems are designed to be flexible, allowing for swift adjustments to be implemented, accommodating changes seamlessly, and ensuring minimal disruption to the user community.


The future of group air travel management

As the travel landscape continues to evolve, the role of innovative solutions like Calrom’s GNG platform becomes increasingly vital. The post-pandemic era has emphasised the need for adaptable and resilient travel management systems capable of navigating uncertainties while delivering a seamless experience for group travellers.

Ancillary services have become a pivotal revenue stream for airlines, offering passengers a range of add-on options beyond the basic ticket price. From seat selection and baggage allowance to in-flight services and priority boarding, these ancillaries cater to diverse passenger needs while enabling airlines to optimise revenue.

New Distribution Capability (NDC) has the potential to further enhance the landscape by providing a more efficient and flexible framework for distributing airfares and ancillary services. NDC facilitates personalised offers, allowing airlines to present tailored options directly to customers and travel agents, fostering a more dynamic and customer-centric approach to selling ancillary services.

Data plays an increasingly pivotal role in decision-making for airline group travel, offering invaluable insights that guide strategic choices, optimise operations, and enhance customer experiences. Data analytics can assist in forecasting demand for group travel, allowing airlines to plan their capacities accordingly. We’re pleased to say we’ve recently welcomed Jason Welch, Divisional CTO (Data & Analytics) to our team to continue our targeted focus in the data arena.



Calrom is helping airlines navigate the inherent complexity within the industry and specifically the group travel sector through innovation, data-driven insights and a customer-centric approach. Embracing these advancements will be pivotal in shaping the future landscape of airline group travel management.

We aim to continue to play a pivotal role in the success of airlines and travel management companies’ pursuit of maximising revenue whilst delivering an unparalleled experience for group travellers.


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