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An effective staff travel solution enables airlines to  attract, motivate and retain the very best personnel. However, the provision of staff travel services can be complex.

Providing a booking and ticketing function for your own employees, and possibly the employees of airlines with reciprocal agreements, means an airline’s staff travel department must: manage access to multiple staff travel agreements, control employee profiles, enable permissions and privileges and ensure bookings meet the correct terms and conditions.

In addition they must also calculate fares based on mileage or percentage discounts, collect and remit payments, and agree how booking and ticketing should take place.

Typically, airline IT budgets are focused on commercial passengers. As a result, staff travel services are usually managed with a combination of adapted legacy systems and manual processes. Other airlines have deployed solutions which impose process changes and restrict the airline’s flexibility and choice.

In use by more than 50 global airlines, improving their Staff Travel experience

Enabling an airlines’ staff travel department to gain complete control over the staff travel process with the ability to automate and manage bookings from end to end. Airlines can specify how bookings on their own flights and on the flights of other airlines are created in their own PSS, and how tickets are issued from their own e-ticket stock, with remittance via IATA’s established clearing process, and can elect to utilize their own employee database or the Staff Travel Zone’s integral database.

Employees are able to access the Staff Travel zone at their convenience and have full control over their bookings from passenger selection through to ticketing, and automated refunding if plans change

Features and Capabilities

  • The airline’s staff travel department has full control over all staff travel agreements, employee privileges and permissions, and the fulfilment process
  • Enables employees to self service via the system’s online passenger selection, flight schedules/availability, pricing, payment, ticketing and refunding functionality
  • Enables the airline to manage all personal and business travel through one system
  • Supports ZED and/or ID fare types, multi-currency and multi-language
  • Can be integrated with the airline’s own PSS, and the airline’s own employee database
  • Can be utilised to merchandise the airline’s own NDC content
  • Operates within and/or outside of the airline’s IT infrastructure
  • Utilise as white label to reflect the airline’s brand and identity
  • MIS reporting capability

Benefits to Airlines

  • Low capital expenditure and a user pay transactional model ensures a rapid return on investment
  • Allows the airline to build employee loyalty, motivation, and attract new employees, by offering state-of-the-art staff travel booking services
  • Lowers operating and distribution costs through effective use of automation

Benefits to Staff

  • Provides a high degree of self-service and control, available 24 hours a day
  • Intuitive user interfaces, logical flows and system generated reminders reduce complexities and simplify the staff travel booking process
  • A community based transaction fee approach means charges will reduce as more airlines implement the Staff Travel Zone

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