Groups Next Gen

The ultimate group booking management platform

Ready to revolutionise Group sales?

Already in use globally by leading airlines, Groups Next Gen is changing the group booking management landscape.

We understand how important it is for airlines to maximise revenue, reduce costs and find efficiencies across all areas.

Groups Next Gen (GNG) is a truly end-to-end platform that takes the strain away from group booking management. GNG’s 24-hour shop and book experience provides extensive advantages to airlines and agency users, freeing up resource to concentrate on sales and meet the challenges of a new reality in travel.

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Grow sales

Groups Next Gen has a proven track record for providing sales growth with real-time pricing and booking capabilities. Through automation, Groups Next Gen encourages quote conversions and drives revenue increases.

Enhance service levels

Groups Next Gen takes the strain during the booking lifecycle, from quote to ticketing including post-amends, seating and everything in between. Agency partners receive immediate responses, leading to greater engagement and superior service.

Improve yield

Groups Next Gen provides additional functionality to add configurable controls, ensuring group bookings are in line with the latest Revenue Management objectives.

Improve efficiencies

Due to its automated functionality, the self-service nature of Groups Next Gen considerably reduces the resourcing requirements within the airline’s groups department.

Strengthen visibility

Choose between a Power BI dashboard with a suite of standard reports, or download all the data and build reports to suit your airline’s needs – or both!

Sell ancillaries

Groups Next Gen handles highly complex requests including out of date range, bulk request and ancillaries.

Key features

  • Market-leading self-service functionality, from real-time pricing to post-ticketing management.
  • Issue tickets via Groups Next Gen to reduce your distribution costs, or allow GDS ticketing if you wish.
  • Generate extra income with auto-monitoring GNG Watcher Service for greater T&C compliance.
  • System and admin portal for airline and agency use, plus optional shop and book consumer portal.
  • Easy integration with multiple PSS, group pricing systems and pricing methodologies.
  • Airline branded system interfaces and emails create a seamless booking pathway.
  • Connect to other airlines via Groups Bridge to support your income goals.
  • EMD payments allow alignment with airline BSP payments for maximum convenience.
  • Global deployment possible with multi-currency, multi-language, and customer / market specific terms & conditions.
  • Advanced disruption handling tools allow a faster resolution process for groups whilst travelling.
  • Includes PNR reconciliation and full group booking audit functions for greater control and visibility.
  • Maximum flexibility for agency users with group space capacity display and function to split groups across multiple flights.

Product Brochure

For more information on system capabilities download our brochure, or contact us to discuss taking your groups to the next level.

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