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Are your groups Next Gen?

What if you could deploy a platform to automate your group bookings from shopping through to ticketing and remittance, while enabling digital retailing features such as ancillary sales, offer management and self-service capabilities?

Managing group travel can be complex. Group bookings will change in size, split to accommodate itinerary changes, names will inevitably change, and there will be multiple payments for deposits, balances and administration fees. Not to mention complex pricing and revenue management strategies all apply.

In addition, enforcing customer or market specific terms and conditions, processing seating requests, and the consideration of interline and codeshare flights means most airlines must utilize unconnected legacy systems and manual processes to work a group booking.

Groups Next Gen (GNG) provides a modern, robust groups management solution allowing an airline to retail and manage groups like never before. With GNG, airlines can provide automated, end-to-end self-service group booking capabilities, all while lowering costs and maintaining your brand identity.

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Already in use globally by leading airlines, Groups Next Gen (GNG) is changing the group booking and management landscape

With GNG, airlines can offer real-time group shopping/availability, pricing, and booking capabilities utilizing multiple models: managed, self-service or both.  GNG can work as a companion along side your airline’s current CRS and/or revenue management system. Or, you can chose to utilize GNG’s integrated group pricing engine. And because GNG can work with your current CRS, checks and balances such as point of sale controls and availability constraints are still applied. GNG also allows current revenue integrity processes to remain intact and can also apply some new ones, specifically targeted at group bookings.

  • Utilize an airline administration portal to carry out all trade facing website functions, validate registrations, control system access, and organise the workflow process
  • Offer a customer or agency (or both) facing website enabling registration, shopping, obtain quotations, perform bookings, self-service/administer bookings, record/make payments, claim bookings or perform fulfillment activities
  • Includes a flexible SQL database structure stores service and customer related information needed to operate the system
  • Enable a number of group specific services including policy enforcement, robotic ticketing, monitoring of claimed group bookings, invoicing, accounts,  and schedule change processing, notifications and acceptance/rejection
  • GNG’s sophisticated business logic layer provides integration between the airline administration portal, the customer facing website, the system’s services and databases, and the CRS

Benefits to Airlines

  • Integration with the airline’s CRS and Revenue Management tools, or the airline can choose to use GNG’s group pricing engine
  • The airline has full control over the groups process including registration and system access, all terms & conditions, and the fulfilment process. Or, the airline can choose to automate it all
  • Workflow enables effective management of key tasks, and optimises use of available inventory and network capacity, by market or flight
  • Includes PNR reconciliation, and full group booking audit functions and tools
  • Provides multi-currency, multi-language, and customer or market specific terms & conditions to enable global deployment
  • Sophisticated reporting capability to include provision of Power BI dashboard and data for data warehousing purposes. Chose from our report library or use your own reporting system with GNG data
  • Allows airlines to grow groups sales and realise compliance revenue automatically
  • User interfaces branded to reflect the airline’s branding guidelines

Benefits to Agencies and Customers

  • Real-time group shopping and availability in a self-service environment. No more emails exchanges or phone calls searching for days, flights and times
  • Provide self-service capabilities 24 hours a day, for real global service
  • Online quotation, booking, amendment, payment, naming, APIS, seating and ticketing functionalities
  • Provides low fare and best availability indicators to direct travel agents towards flights with the most group inventory
  • Group space capacity display and split group function enables travel agents to split groups across multiple flights allowing maximum flexibility
  • Opt-out functionality enables claim functionality for ticketing in travel agent’s own GDS
  • Intuitive user interfaces, logical flows and system generated reminders reduce complexity and eliminate the risk of cancelled space and/or financial penalties

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