2024 is on track to surpass pre-pandemic levels of global air travel passengers by 6% (source: Airport World). This provides airlines with new opportunities to increase their revenue, but many are hesitant due to the assumptions that surround group booking management. So, we’re here to debunk them and discover the real benefits of group bookings.

Groups are time-consuming

Group bookings come with heaps of resource-heavy elements and can take days to process requests. Although that can be the case, it doesn’t have to be! Automated group booking management systems, such as Groups Next Gen, can take a three-day turnover all the way down to seconds, without the need for substantial resources or coordination.

Keeping up communication with group organisers doesn’t have to cause headaches when you have an automated system that provides real-time deadline reminders, information on schedule changes and booking updates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Groups have many complexities

Demand variability, group cancellations, group space allocations and contracts; they’re complexities that cause you pain points with group bookings, right? Relying on outdated processes to solve the above pricing issues makes your experience with groups more difficult than it needs to be.

Revenue management systems are designed to give you control of these issues within the system, enabling you to state the rules and regulations of group capacity.

Groups are low-yield

Ancillaries are rapidly becoming a major part of an airline’s overall revenue, totting up over $100B in 2022 (source: Statista), but many Groups systems aren’t set up to offer ancillary sales, meaning many airlines are missing out on a huge potential revenue stream.

However, there are automated systems that can offer an airline’s full ancillary catalogue at relevant points during the group booking process, giving customers a competitive advantage and opportunities for extra revenue.

Using configurable controls helps airlines ensure that group bookings are in line with their revenue management objectives through automation, so no revenue is lost through manual errors.

Group bookings lack visibility

Outdated group booking systems can limit the visibility airlines have over their group bookings, causing obstacles throughout almost the entire booking process. Having a full suite of analytics on hand to create standard and bespoke reports is key to fully understanding and tracking all elements your groups performance.

When it comes to the visibility of an airline’s Groups product in the market, older systems tend to lack in this area and rely on customer service teams to be active and churn through manual processes. By using a more modern system that provides customers with a 24-hour shop & book platform, airlines can promote their group travel product in the same way they would for a traditional consumer, non-group product.



So, these group booking myths can now be a thing of the past thanks to the advancements in group booking technology that help airlines keep up with their ever-changing demands.

Groups Next Gen is already helping airlines revolutionise their group booking management through its automated features and modern approach. Whether you want to grow your sales with real-time pricing and booking automation, transform your customer service with speedy responses, strengthen your visibility with analytics or maximise your revenue by selling ancillaries, Groups Next Gen can help you do this all in one place.

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