Regardless of which industry you work in, we can all appreciate efficiencies making our day-to-day life as seamless as possible. Group bookings have long been a pain point for airlines due to the many laborious processes that come with them – but thanks to the development of advanced airline group booking software, such as Calrom’s Groups Next Gen, these manual processes can now be automated to increase your airline booking efficiencies.

Let’s look at the top five ways Groups Next Gen can take the headaches away from Groups and transform your airline’s booking efficiencies.

Automated notifications and reminders

When it comes to booking queries, groups certainly don’t fall short of them. Handling these queries manually means there’s a consistent flow of emails being sent by your teams, with details often getting lost due to the sheer volume of communications.

By using Groups Next Gen’s automated notifications feature, your teams will no longer have to spend their days going back and forth over email to chase things such as payment and ticketing deadline reminders, freeing up their time for other tasks and ensuring communications are all logged in one place.

Pricing automation

Any type of change to your pricing or T&Cs can send your teams into overdrive – manually handling group quotes can be tedious enough, without the added labour of any changes being made.

If you’re aiming to deal with these situations promptly, Groups Next Gen’s configurable controls have got your back. Simply adjust via the online system and these changes will be applied within hours to ensure all your group bookings match up with your objectives.

To top it off, all changes are recorded in an audit trail, so you can track exactly when and why these changes were made.

Automated payment systems

Modernising your payment systems to a fully automated flow is vital to ensuring a seamless collection of payments for you and your customers.

You’ll want to make sure you’re able to coordinate payments across time zones, that you’ve got a system for tracking who has paid (and by what method) and to make sure each payment is assigned to the correct booking.

Automating this process can significantly improve accuracy and reduce the chances of any errors. With Groups Next Gen, your airline’s group organisers can make payments seamlessly and manage invoices or track expenses, often without any intervention from you, depending on the payment method.

Automatic Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) updates

T&Cs can vary with group types, as well as flight times and dates – that’s a lot of manual labour that can quickly become confused and lost in the groups booking process and result in a loss of revenue for an airline and group organisers.

Why not add T&Cs to your list of modernised airline booking efficiencies with Groups Next Gen’s automated tools that monitor your compliance revenue? Using pre-configured parameters, Groups Next Gen will allocate appropriate T&Cs and adjust in real time through automation, ensuring that airline objectives are met through group bookings.



Airline booking efficiencies are key to reducing manual workloads, keeping customers happy and, in turn, opening up streams of income via groups that you may currently be losing out on.

If you’re intrigued to discover more about how Groups Next Gen can boost your efficiencies, our blog page is full of expert insights from our Leadership team (they’re a great read!) or you get stuck into the product details here.