At Calrom we’re constantly monitoring the challenges of the airlines industry and how our airline booking system, Groups Next Gen, can help overcome them. In this article, we begin by looking at the wider industry challenges of recent years and how the airline and travel industry’s resilience enables it to continue innovating and providing excellent customer experiences.


Airline industry challenges

In recent years, the airline industry has had its resilience tested by a multitude of different challenges. From the uncertainty of fuel costs and supply caused by recent conflicts, to the focus on environmental and social governance (ESG) and the need to develop cleaner fuels for air travel. Both of which have had an impact on profitability and the cost of flights to the customer.

There are also challenges around airport infrastructure and passenger congestion – especially in smaller and often crowded airports – and of course with cyber security.

On top of these challenges, the recent Covid-19 pandemic grounded flights globally, which put an enormous strain on the industry and its staff across the world. Since the lockdowns were lifted, the industry has struggled to recruit skilled staff to what was once a very popular industry to work in.

Despite these challenges, the flights industry is resilient and always seems to find a way to bounce back, but it must continually look to improve to remain both resilient and profitable if it is to thrive. Calrom’s innovative group booking system, Groups Next Gen (GNG), can help to facilitate that.


Challenges airlines need to overcome if they’re to thrive

As is the case with all businesses, increasing sales and improving profitability are key annual objectives, but in the age of cheap flights and rising fuel costs, achieving the objectives remains a difficult task.

There are opportunities for airlines to look within themselves, find improved efficiencies, and deliver better customer experiences. Both of which can help to increase sales and ticket booking conversions, improve booking management, and ultimately increase profitability.

We look at the five key challenges airlines face and how Calrom GNG airline booking system can help:

  • –  Improving sales and booking conversions.
  • –  Increasing and maintaining profitability.
  • –  Ensuring efficiency.
  • –  Increasing visibility of your customers.
  • –  Providing a fantastic customer experience.


A guide for airlines: How to improve your group flights booking processes

Airlines can transform group sales and maximise revenue by automating group bookings from start to finish with Calrom’s innovative group booking system, Groups Next Gen (GNG).

Improving sales and booking conversions

Even if your flights aren’t the cheapest on the market GNG can aide in making booking conversions easier, even when markets are tough. Travellers are always on the lookout for the best deals, and with the cost of living constantly increasing this is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future.

Nowadays, when it comes to groups who are looking to book a trip − families and golfing parties for example − deals that reduce the cost per head are expected. Yet group bookings can cause issues for some airlines and tour operators, by potentially creating unnecessary manual processes and long email chains, that’s when Calrom’s Groups Next Gen (GNG) can help.

Groups Next Gen (GNG) was developed to empower airline group sales via an end-to-end automated booking experience, reducing the need for manual intervention and bypassing long email chains altogether. The GNG software also encourages conversions by allowing users to shop, book, amend (pre and post ticket), pay and ticket online with real-time pricing provided by connections to your PSS, which in-turn helps to increase revenue.

The software’s automation capability will significantly improve response times, which will improve your customer satisfaction and retention, reduce potential errors, and ensure compliance to booking terms and conditions.

Increasing and maintaining profitability

This is an annual objective in most business sectors. In the travel sector, this has become even more important since the Covid-19 pandemic all-but completely closed the travel industry.

GNG enables airlines to seamlessly upsell ancillaries, which means you can maximise your revenues via the ability to book meals, pre-paid seating, and baggage. The software also aligns with your current payment processes, with multiple options including EMD payments.

Ensuring processes are efficient

Constantly innovating and ensuring processes are efficient and easy to manage can take time and require significant internal investment. The digital age has compelled many organisations to innovate and develop to stay competitive. However, many are still negotiating the switch from legacy systems and manual processes to more innovative digital solutions.

Our revolutionary airline booking software can help you transform your internal processes and take greater control of your booking management capabilities, which can boost your booking efficiencies.

Calrom are committed to the ongoing development of its technologies and are always improving the functionality and efficiency of GNG  to ensure airlines have access to efficient solutions that’ll empower their group bookings and boost customer service for both their agents and passengers.

Booking management control

Increasing the visibility of your customers’ bookings can be key to your ongoing success. The GNG analytics suite, including standard and bespoke reporting, provides better bookings visibility which enables greater control over your booking management.

Improving customer experience

Providing an all-round better experience for customers is an ongoing challenge for tour operators. For many of their customers, booking a flight and the airport experience can be stressful. GNG embraces the enablement of digital technologies and is accessible 24/7, allowing agents to self-manage bookings whenever they want. With GNG you can easily add names to bookings and allocate block seating, making managing large group reservations easier.

Groups Next Gen (GNG) Software is revolutionising airline booking systems and group booking management.

Introduction to Calrom’s Groups Next Gen (GNG) group booking software

Calrom was launched in 2007 to provide bespoke booking software built on the specific needs of our airline partners. Since then, we’ve become experts in outsourced group reservations and offer many benefits and game-changing services via our innovative software.

On the back of our industry experience and learning, we’ve developed two innovative airline booking system software packages. Groups Next Gen (GNG) and Groups Market Place (GMP) help make flight group booking management easier. Here, we focus on the capabilities of Groups Next Gen (GNG).

GNG is a heavily automated airline booking system which enables users to complete the full booking flow. The software is available in three different packages, depending on the size and the specific needs of the airline.

GNG Essential

Great for giving you the tools to automate your trade group bookings.

  • – Up to 10 global markets
  • – Dual language interface & notifications
  • – Core payment options
  • – Assisted consumer bookings.

GNG Enterprise

Great for accessing the full range of GNG’s power, with the scope to expand globally.

  • – All your network markets
  • – Multilingual user interface & notifications
  • – Core payment options, plus credit card payments
  • – Optional consumer portal
  • – Ancillary sales
  • – Interline bookings
  • – Bulk & Series requests
  • – Out of Date Range bookings
  • – Opt-out (claimed) bookings.

GNG Express

Great for low-cost carriers looking for a consumer-first booking portal.

  • – Up to 10 global markets
  • – Dual language interface & notifications
  • – Core payment options, plus credit card payments
  • – Optional trade portal
  • – Ancillary sales.

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