Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Infrastructure Engineer or to work within the IT industry? Our Infrastructure Engineer, Chris Jones, is here to take over and talk you through a day in his life here at Calrom.




What is an Infrastructure Engineer?

This is someone who designs, builds, coordinates, and maintains internal IT services to ensure a safe operating environment for their company.

What does a usual day look like for you?

Each day can be very different, but I generally start the day by checking and responding to emails or Teams messages I’ve received, reviewing my calendar, and getting organised for any meetings or events I may have on that day.

I’ll then log in to our security software interface and generate a report to analyse potential threats and vulnerabilities across all our company’s devices, accounts, and networks. If anything threatening appears on the report, I’ll investigate it using certain security software and engage with employees involved if needed.

Analysing emails is an important part of my role – this involves looking at the links and attachments within emails our team receive and testing them for malware and malicious content. If I find any suspicious emails within my analysis, I’ll blacklist the domains to prevent employees from receiving phishing emails.

It’s also part of my role to identify any vulnerabilities in practices, policies and procedures within the company and formulate solutions to these issues.

Do you work with other teams?

All the time! I’m responsible for implementing cybersecurity awareness training for all our employees on our internal training platform, which involves researching and staying up to date with the current threat landscape, new technologies, and patterns and trends of adversaries so I can provide the best training content. I also host drop-in sessions as part of this training – my colleagues across the whole company can pop in to talk to me about all things cybersecurity!

I also assist with general IT problems for end users, which can include issues with hardware and software, emails, network connections and more.

How do you develop and progress within your role?

I’m always on the lookout for any additional training courses that would benefit me, my role and the business to complete. If I find any, management are more than happy to enrol me on them!

I get the opportunity to attend external security conferences presented by experts within the field. These conferences help me stay on top of any new knowledge, developments and defences I can use to keep our business secure and safe, as well as furthering my own professional knowledge and skills.


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