For the last two decades, airlines have asked us to deliver bespoke group management and fare distribution systems. Why?

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and we’ll settle for nothing less than delivering the right airline software for your needs.

We take your pain points and transform them into opportunities.

Our experience of working with leading global airlines has given us unique insights into your challenges, whether it’s the strain of manually handling large volumes of group bookings or the need to carve out new paths to remain profitable.


Over £1 billion of ticketed revenue created last year alone through our systems


Total airline tickets issued last year through our systems

Software as a service, designed specifically for the airline industry

We’re proud to have designed our group booking software from the ground up, in partnership with some of the world’s leading airlines. As a result, our automated, feature-packed airline software is forward-thinking, scalable and easily tailored to your requirements.

Ready to grow your incremental revenue? Explore what we can do for you.

Our product range

Group booking systems

Game-changing airline booking software to automate your end-to-end booking flow and transform group sales.

Fare distribution

Our NDC-ready (New Distribution Capability) leisure flights booking system can futureproof your trade business for growth.

Bespoke projects

Let us know your grand ideas and biggest challenges – we’re pretty good at innovating a
new service to make your life easier.

Airline pilot walking through airport

Change drives innovation

Here at Calrom, we’re all about how we can help you. However, if you want to learn about why our experience puts us in a unique position to do so, this is where you’ll find out!

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